“Audience award for excellent teaching” for MAP vize-chair Professor Vogel and team

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Picture courtesy of Elisabeth Herzinger/FSI

MAP alumnus Eric Görlitzer part of Prof. Vogel's teaching team

In the (online) summer semester 2020, the FSI (Fachschaftsinitiative) of the FAU study programmes CBI, CEN, LSE and EnTe launched the “Audience Award for Excellent Teaching”. Students of the CBI department, which co-hosts the MAP programme, have the opportunity to nominate lecturers who have distinguished themselves through particularly good teaching over the course of the semester. The FSI CBI then determines the winner from the nominations.

Among the 70 nominations that were submitted by the students in the summer semester 2020, the lecture “Interfaces in Process Engineering” by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Nicolas Vogel was especially highlighted. The event is characterized by an inverted classroom model, with lecture recordings made available on Youtube and subsequent question and answer sessions. The students also described the lecture as lively, interesting, well explained and exciting.

For us as FSI CBI it is therefore a special honor that we can grant the first “Audience Award for Excellent Teaching” to Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Nicolas Vogel as well as to his colleagues Herbert Canziani (exercise) and Eric Görlitzer (technical implementation) who were also partly responsible for the module.

In the future, the prize is to be awarded once per semester.

Text by Elisabeth Herzinger



Congratulations from the MAP team! We are very delighted about this award as the teaching team of MAP vize-chair Prof. Vogel includes also a MAP alumnus (Eric Görlitzer).

Picture courtesy of Elisabeth Herzinger/FSI