MAP Focal Subject Head, Prof. Michael Engel, investigates DNA double Helix structures crystals

Gold nanocrystals with a pyramidal shape functionalized with DNA molecules self-assemble into complex aggregates in experiment (left side) and simulation (right side).

A method for DNA programmed material synthesis

For the first time researchers have successfully produced complex crystal lattices known as clathrates from nanoparticles using a new method that employs DNA strands. The programed synthesis of clathrates represents a template for the precision modeling of novel nanomaterials. In cooperation with the world’s leading nanotechnology experts from the University of Michigan and Northwestern University, EAM Professor Michael Engel from the Institute for Multiscale Simulation (MSS), has opened up a new era in DNA programed material synthesis. The team has succeeded in reordering pyramid-shaped gold crystals to form complex clathrate compounds.

Here the full article in Science and in the Cluster of Excellence Newsletter Spring 2017 (p. 5).