ENB Elite Cup 2018 – an ex-curricular challenge for MAP students in soccer

Picture courtesy of Chun-Yu Chou

The annual ENB Elite Cup in soccer was hold on 6 June 2018 in Munich. Steffen Leimbach, currently second semester MAP student, reports on the event:

Our trip started early in the morning. Together with another study course from Erlangen, we went by bus to Munich, where we were welcomed very warmly. After a short introduction, the tournament started.

In our first match of the first phase, we shot “the goal of the day”. Directly after the kick-off, our striker Walter shot a wonderful goal. No chance for the opponent keeper. In the further game, our defense was stable and we won 1:0.The next match was very similar: strong in the defense and again one nice goal for our team. We won again 1:0 . The third match against the team of Regensburg started very shocking for us. In the first few minutes we got two goals… But luckily we didn’t give up and scored a goal, but in the end we lost 1:3…

We recognized that against a really strong team, our system was not good enough and changed our formation for the second phase. In this formation we played over all expectations! 1:0! Semi-finals!! The final was within our grasp, but we would need to win against the team, against which we lost already in the first phase: Regensburg. This team was incredibly strong but due to our strategical change and our good team spirit we were better prepared and played much better than in the first phase. We didn’t score any goal but the opponent team didn’t either, so it came to penalty shooting, in which we unfortunately lost. Nevertheless, we were all very excited about having reached the semi-finals, which was – of course – also due to our great supporting MAP-cheerleading team.

In the finals, the team of Regensburg met the team of the host Munich (the winner of last year) and they won well-deserved. Well done! So next year, it will be up to our new MAP-juniors to win the cup in Regensburg and it will be up to the team of Regensburg to host you as nicely as Munich did this year. So be prepared, fellow MAP juniors! We are sure you will be provided with delicious food, drinks and good music.