ENB Elite Cup 2019 – a soccer tournament

MAP Elite Cup Team 2019 - picture courtesy of MAP Office / Nnamdi Madubuko

Fun and action for MAP students and others

A combined team of MAP students and students of the Master’s programme in Advanced Optical Technologies (MAOT) participated in the “Elite Cup” football tournament at the University of Regensburg on June 22nd. The team consisted of some beginning and some semi-experienced players. We practiced several times prior to the tournament and played against other casual teams from Erlangen. The yellow and blue jerseys prepared by my fellow MAP student Mohit Jain and other costs associated with the event were funded by the MAP office.

We met up with a team from the Master’s programme in Advanced Signal Processing and Communications Engineering (ASC) in the morning to take a bus from the FAU Faculty of Engineering. We were also joined by some MAP and MAOT students who came to cheer us on.

The beginning of the tournament was a struggle, as our team conceded five goals in our first of three group stage matches. We were able to reorganize ourselves during the break, and improved for the second match, winning 1-0.

The tournament was well organized and ran smoothly and on time. The hosts provided food and beer, clean changing rooms, and were overall very welcoming. We had plenty of time to socialize with other FAU students and other students from around Bavaria.

Our team lost again in the 3rd group stage match, which kept us out of the quarter finals. We spent the rest of the day watching the later stages of the tournament with refreshing food and drinks. The competition was eventually won by a team from the University of Augsburg.

The tournament was widely enjoyed by MAP students. It was a good opportunity to meet up outside of classes and enjoy the sun. Several students mentioned interest in returning next year.

By MAP student Alex Riddell