Manipulation of flows and particles in microfluidic devices using lubricant-infused unidirectional surfaces

Feb 03
3. February 2022 16:00 - 18:00
Hanns-Hofmann-Hörsaal (KS I, Cauerstr. 4)

Unless stated all talks at 16.15 in the Hanns-Hofmann-Hörsaal<> (KS I, Cauerstr. 4). Although attendance in presence is preferred, the talks will be streamed live on zoom. The link will be provided via email via the internal department mailing lists. If you have not received this information and would like to watch a talk, please contact the colloquium organizer.

Lubricant-infused surfaces have opened a whole new field of investigation, with both fundamental and practical perspectives. In my talk, I will first discuss the enhanced slip properties for a liquid flow over lubricant-infused unidirectional surfaces. This situation reflects many practical settings involving liquid flows past superhydrophobic grooves filled with gas, or past grooves infused with another, immiscible, liquid of smaller or equal viscosity. I will then discuss principles of a generation of secondary transverse shear flow near such slippery lubricant-infused surfaces and its possible applications for mixing and separation of particles in microfluidic devices. – collapse_5<>