Prof. Dr. Leo van Wüllen, Institute of Physics, Universität Augsburg: Modern Solid State NMR strategies in Materials Science (or NMR is wunderbar)

Dec 20
20. December 2018 16:15 - 17:45
Hanns-Hofmann-Hörsaal (KS I), Cauerstr. 4, 91058 Erlangen

Colloquium Series WS 2018/2019 by the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

For a controlled fine-tuning of materials’ key properties, a detailed knowledge of the structural and dynamic features of the materials poses a prerequisite. To this end we develop and utilize modern Solid State NMR strategies which not only provide information about the structural motifs on short and intermediate length scales but also offer a handle to study the microscopic dynamics within these materials. Especially for materials, which are characterized by a lack of translatorial periodicity, considerable disorder or high dynamics, these approaches offer unprecedented insight into the structure and dynamics. We will show how these novel approaches may be successfully employed to study the structure of amorphous materials at ambient conditions and to obtain information about its evolution with temperature. Further, new solid state electrolytes for next generation’s Li batteries will be presented with the focus here being on the local Li coordination and the mechanism of ion transport. Along the way, a variety of novel NMR (hardware) solutions will be presented, even widening the range of possible applications of NMR spectroscopy in materials science. Examples include MAS NMR at high spinning speeds and ultra high temperature and approaches for high resolution dipolar based NMR spectroscopy without fast MAS.

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