Scientific Publication: from manuscript preparation to acceptance

Dec 09
9. December 2020 16:00 - 18:00
Zoom (online)

Only for MAP Students! You receive the needed Zoom Datas via Mail.

Prof. Sara Skrabalak from Indiana University will give a talk concerning scientific publications.
After the seminar that is expected to last for 30 minutes plus questions, Sara will be available for the “Speaker meets the PIs” session, which will start at around 4:45 pm and go on for additional 45 minutes.
The “Speaker meets PIs” is a chance for discussion, to establish possible collaborations based on the previous lectures from Sara in October and beyond them. For those that did not attend the lectures and would like to be prepared for the meeting, the lectures from Sara have been recorded and can be followed online on the StudOn platform of the CRC1411 at the following link:

The slides of each lecture are also available in the dedicated folder.