Start of summer school azerbaijan

Date: 2. September 2024Time: All day

Azerbaijan Technical University (AzTU) is pleased to host an international summer school during the period of 02.09.2024 – 14.09.2024. The summer school is designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive experience for engineering students motivated to design develop and deploy. Participants will have the unique opportunity to work on their own ideas in intercultural teams, foster creativity and collaboration. Thereby, the primary goal of the summer school is to equip engineering students with practical knowledge and multidisciplinary skills essential for industrial settings, and enhance their readiness to work in multicultural environments by recognizing and adapting to globalization trends.
The agenda of the summer school is full of interactive activities in a dynamic and engaging learning environment, study tours, and cultural events. The summer school aims to empower participants to apply theoretical knowledge in practical setting by encouraging a holistic development approach in combination with technical, managerial, and cultural competencies. Overall, the summer school is planned to be a well-rounded program that not only to impart technical skills but also emphasizes the importance of adaptability, intercultural communication, and a global perspective, which are crucial in today`s professional landscape.

Application can be done until 14 June 2024.

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2. September 2024
All day
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