Excursion of MAP students to Bionicum in Nuremberg

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Picture courtesy of MAP Office

Additional insights into the concepts of biomimetic materials

On 16 December 2019, some of the MAP students attended an excursion to the Bionicum in Nuremberg as part of the course “Biomimetic synthesis of materials” under the supervision and coordination of Prof. Stephan Wolf.

The excursion started with a warm welcome by the tour guide of the Bionicum museum, followed by a short talk about the vision of the museum and the team’s background. A card game with interesting questions to improve the conceptual understanding of Bionics complemented the talks and was well received by the students!

Afterwards, the tour guide introduced us to a wide variety of tools, which are available in the museum as demonstration of the concepts of biomimetic materials. Self-sharpening knives inspired from beaver teeth, and super sticky surfaces for climbing walls inspired from Gecko feet are only a few examples which clarify how mankind has learned (and is still learning) from nature and how researchers design materials with extraordinary properties.

Then the students hat time to discuss the different available tools and facilities in the museum based on the knowledge they already gained in the course of Biomimetic synthesis of materials.

We were inspired by this visit in Nuremberg! Thanks a lot to the team of the Bionicum and to Prof. Wolf!

By Abdel Rahman Altakroury, MAP student of starting class 2018