Home office detectives: exit game

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Many of our first semester MAP students have still not arrived in Erlangen. Therefore, MAP offers opportunities outside of the digital classroom to meet with peers in inofficial settings. One of them has been an online exit game on 15th January, 2021.

Katja Wadlinger reports:

Friday afternoon, 3pm. A small group of students came together to unravel a crime.

After the launch, everyone wanted to be the first to uncover a mystery. But the only information given, were an e-mail and a short article. At first glance, both seemed to be a dead end. We must have missed something! After closer inspection, the fingerprints of a website were found. Now the hunt began. The detectives chased the subjects through the internet. From one page to the next. From secret passwords to hidden accounts. Always one step behind. The track nearly got lost in the jungle of open taps. But the detectives worked as a team and together they slowly surrounded the delinquent. There was no way out. One by one, all his secrets were successfully uncovered.

After the criminal was locked behind bars, all detectives virtually shook hand and congratulated each other on an afternoon of fun.