Literature review of MAP student published in Advanced Materials

Picture courtesy of public domain (Physics), Eric Goerlitzer (Nature), Junwei Wang (Structure), Junwei Wang (Pigment)

Every MAP student has to write a literature review. For one semester, students deeply engage with a chosen research topic and by resuming its results in an article of about 5 DIN A4-pages.

On this basis, Eric Goerlitzer, MAP student from 2015 to 2018, also worked on his literature review. Since the outcome of his literature review is important for the wider scientific community, the supervisors Prof. Robin Klupp Taylor and Prof. Nicolas Vogel encouraged Eric Goerlitzer to write a public article on the topic of his literature review. This article was recently published as a progress report in Advanced Materials.

The three authors recommend to young students that it is important to understand and to get to know a scientific field; just adding sentence by sentence mentioning new references will not make a good review, as it needs structure and overview.

The progress report summarizes the fascinating field of photonic pigments by colloidal self-assembly. A short introduction: Among the most appealing features in the natural world are the stunning displays of color. This progress report provides a critical overview of the emerging field of self-assembled photonic pigments produced by colloidal self-assembly. It outlines how color effects in biology can be recreated by the self-assembly of colloidal particles and discusses the influence of fabrication methods, absorbing elements, and surface chemistry to reproduce nature’s striking coloration in the form of dispersible pigments.

The full progress report is written by Eric S.A. Goerlitzer, Robin N. Klupp Taylor, Nicolas Vogel, Advanced Materials 2018, 1706654.