MAP students in Bayreuth for the Bio precourse

Picture courtesy of MAP Office

Every year, MAP students have the opportunity to prepare for their Focal Subject “Biomaterials and Bioprocesses” by joining a special Bio precourse in Bayreuth. Sharmin Zzaman Khan Antara from the MAP class 2018 reports on the latest Bio precourse:

MAP 2018 spent two weeks in Bayreuth from April 1st to April 12th, 2019 and I had the pleasure of being one of the twelve students in attendance. This was a compulsory precourse for students selecting Biomaterials and Bioprocessing as one of the two focals. The first week was spent attending lectures covering basic biology and biochemistry of bio macromolecules. In the second week, we carried out five experiments covering various techniques including bacterial growth and gene modification. Two of the instructors were MAP students who started their PhD at the University of Bayreuth after completing MAP. Other than the time spent in classes and laboratories, we had the opportunity to tour Bayreuth and to better get to know the students with whom we had completed our first semester.

In the group of 12 students, we were 6 female and 6 male students and occupied two rooms in a youth hostel near the University of Bayreuth. Since we all had the same schedule and shared living space, we had the opportunity to eat, drink, chat and play sports for the 10 working days we were there. For all of us, it was an unforgettable two weeks, filled with laughter and insightful conversations. We bonded with each other, got to know cultures from other parts of the world and discovered common ground in the most unexpected places.

A lot of the evenings were spent playing basketball and different sorts of card games. International students learnt more of the German culture in these two weeks than in the past seven months. I can honestly say that I have found friends I can treasure and this trip is the reason for that. MAP 2018 students are known for being close knit, but that was limited to evenings spent hanging out during the beginning of the semester and we didn’t know each other deeply enough. The hectic schedule doesn’t allow for much of that. Therefore these two weeks in Bayreuth meant so much for all. Hopefully for every batch to come, Bayreuth will be as memorable as it is for us.