MAP student Benedikt Winhard participating in the SIMS Europe conference

Benedikt Winhard and Dr. Manuela Killian. Picture courtesy of Benedikt Winhard

Benedikt Winhard reports on his latest MAP related travel:

By participating in the SIMS Europe conference 2018 in Münster, I got great insights into state-of-the-art research involving the application and ongoing development of different techniques in the field of secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS), primarily time-of-flight SIMS (ToF-SIMS). The conference was divided into three days. On the first day, fundamentals of SIMS-instruments, the operation and data analysis were taught in short courses. Scientists not frequently utilizing these analyzing tools could learn or refresh the necessary basics. On the second and third day, research groups presented their latest results in oral sessions. A poster presentation at the evening of the second day offered the opportunity to show and discuss results in more details.

By taking part in the poster presentation, I showed parts of my research that I conducted within my miniproject, which was supervised by Dr. Manuela Killian. Furthermore, I introduced also the latest results that were achieved within this project using ToF-SIMS analysis. Besides, this conference was a perfect preparation for my master thesis. Next to short courses, members of my future team at NESAC/Bio presented latest findings of the imminent final thesis. I acquired first insights in my next research topic, moreover, I got to know part of my team of the University of Washington, Seattle.

I want to thank the chair of Surface Science and Corrosion (LKO) and MAP for supporting my stay and participation, as well as Dr. Manuela Killian for the organization and help! I really enjoyed my stay in Münster!