MAP chair and many MAP lecturers involved in new and extended Collaborative Research Centers

Picture courtesy of Pixabay

Green light for collaborative research centres

Great news with regards to research funding:

The German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) has announced that it will extend two Collaborative Research Centers (SFBs) involving the Materials Science Department for another funding period.

In the SFB TRR “From Atom to Turbine Blade – Scientific Foundations for a New Generation of Monocrystalline Superalloys“, several chairs and professors, respectively, are involved as subproject leaders in ongoing subprojects:

  • Micro- and nanomechanical characterization of superalloys at elevated temperatures (Mathias Göken, WW1)
  • Single crystalline γʼ-strengthened Co-base-superalloys – Alloy development, lattice misfit and mechanical properties (Mathias Göken und Steffen Neumeier, WW1)
  • Atomistic simulations of elementary dislocation processes in coherent and semi-coherent γ/γ’-microstructures: influence of temperature and alloying elements (Erik Bitzek, WW1)
  • Single crystal solidification with enhanced microstructure (Carolin Körner, WW2)
  • Additive manufacturing of single-crystalline superalloys (Carolin Körner, WW2)
  • Multi-criteria calculation of optimum compositions for single crystal superalloys (Carolin Körner, WW2)
  • High temperature oxidation of single crystal superalloys – early stages and elementary processes (Sannakaisa Virtanen, WW4)
  • High resolution and in-situ transmission electron microscopy of single crystalline superalloys – structure and properties of defects, interfaces and precipitates. (Erdmann Spiecker, WW9


Also in the SFB “Synthetic Carbon Allotropes“, three chairs / professors are represented with subprojects:

  • Design and Assembly of Carbon-Allotrope-Based Devices (Marcus Halik, WW5)
  • Opto-Electronic Properties of Semiconducting Carbon Allotrope Hetero-Junction Composites: Towards “All-Carbon Allotrope Architecture” Devices (Christoph Brabec, WW6)
  • Aberration-Corrected High Resolution and in situ Transmission Electron Microscopy of Carbon Allotropes and Related Device Structures (Erdmann Spiecker, WW9)

In addition, the DFG has approved new Collaborative Research Centers, including the SFB “Structural and Chemical Atomic Complexity – From Defective Phase Diagrams to Material Properties” (Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Sandra Korte-Kerzel of the RWTH Aachen University), in which the department is represented by Prof. Dr. Erik Bitzek from the Department of General Material Properties (WW1), as well as the SFB 1411 „Produktgestaltung disperser Systeme“ (Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Peukert, head of the the Institute of Particle Technology, FAU). The Chair of Micro- and Nanostructure Research (WW9, Prof. Dr. Erdmann Spiecker) is majorly involved in the SFB 1411.