MAP engineer students meet economy

MAP students at Zollhof, picture courtesy of MAP Office

Alice Bellettini, second semester MAP student, reports on the MAP excursion to Zollhof – Tech Incubator, which is a FAU linked institute on startups, on 4 February 2019:

“From the very beginning of the trip we were welcomed with enthusiasm and a desire to make us familiarise with the environment. Zollhof – Tech Incubator is an organisation that helps new startups develop and succesfully grow, in terms of innovation and contact with the public.

During the trip, the whole process of business planning was introduced to us, from the development of team working and the outline of new ideas to the creation of a business model. It was all conducted in a very interactive way, which turned out to be engaging, amusing and effective.

We worked in groups most of the time and finally also prepared our own video, presenting a startup. Besides, we visited the place, talked with the people working there, and had a presentation by a person previously engaged in launching his own startup.

In the end we all were very satisfied with the experience, and could not believe that we managed to collect so many ideas about a new app and its development under every aspect.

What is also worth noticing is that it was an opportunity for us, as engineers, to get in touch with the economy world.”