MAP graduation ceremony and awards for the 2017/18 winter term

Picture courtesy of Muhammad Saad Ali / MAP Office

On 7 February 2018, ten students from seven different countries celebrated their graduation from the Elite Master’s Programme “Advanced Materials and Processes” (MAP).

The graduates now hold the academic title of “Master of Science with honours” for succeeding in this demanding programme. Many of the students faced the challenge of MAP’s strict failure regulations, while simultaneously adapting to a new country with a new culture and a different university system. When comparing the graduates now to their first semester, Prof. Bitzek, first chair of the MAP programme, mentioned in his speech that “(…) I see how these challenges made you grow mature and stronger”.

The focus of the MAP programme lies on the combination of Material Science with Chemical and Biological Engineering, in order to offer students different perspectives and insights, that are often not available to scientists focused on a single field. While the unique skill set acquired during the MAP programme is designed to prepare the graduates for their scientific career, Prof. Bitzek hopes that the way of seeing things from different perspectives would help the MAP graduates also “in the tumultuous times we live in”.

Prof. Bitzek conveyed his congratulations to the first couple in MAP and announced that a first MAP alumnus has become a professor: Prof. Dr. Hyunchul Oh now teaches at Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology (GNTech) in the Republic of South Korea.

Following this welcoming address, the winners of the Best Poster Award were honoured. The presentation of scientific research posters is one of the soft skills that the students acquire during their third semester of the MAP master’s programme. After completing an independent scientific research project, called “miniproject”, in a chosen research area, the students prepare the presentation of their results as a poster under the guidance of MAP lecturer Prof. Klupp Taylor.

While many of the posters gave an excellent overview on the results and context of the conducted projects, a committee of scientists selected the best posters for the award. Dalia Dranseikiene from Lithuania was awarded 3rd and Mikhail Trunov from Russia was awarded 2nd prize for their outstanding presentations. The 1st prize was presented to Talha Ahmed Mirza from Pakistan

Each year, the Best Student Award is handed over to a MAP third semester student based on his/her academic credentials as well as intercultural and/or social commitment. This year marked again a special occasion as not only one, but two students were selected for their remarkable accomplishments in the MAP programme: Stefanie Düll and Benedikt Winhard received the Best Student Award, complete with a 250 € voucher for MAP related travel abroad.

After the official graduation ceremony, students, professors and MAP supporters exchanged and celebrated in relaxed atmosphere while enjoying an opulent dinner at the Fraunhofer IISB cafeteria.