MAP looks back at the era of Prof. Erik Bitzek as MAP Chair

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Prof. Erik Bitzek, picture courtesy of MAP/Erich Malter

Prof. Erik Bitzek left FAU on 31 August 2021 to continue his research work in the field of microstructure & mechanics (Department Computational Materials Design) at the Max Planck Institute for Iron Research GmbH in Düsseldorf.

The team and all those involved in the Elite Master’s Programme “Advanced Materials and Processes” (MAP) are very grateful for the inspiring time and Prof. Bitzek’s excellent leadership and continuous efforts to improve and strengthen the MAP curriculum, administration and programme structure. Prof. Bitzek joined MAP as Vice-chair on 1 April 2013 and was appointed Chair of the programme on 1 June 2016. He thus lead the MAP team for more than eight years – the longest leadership in the history of the programme.

Together with his Vice-chair Prof. Nicolas Vogel, he oversaw a revision of the examination regulations for MAP, which enabled a more multi-faceted programme structure with more options, choice and flexibility on the part of the students. The team also secured an extension of the elite status in the framework of the Elite Network of Bavaria.

Under Prof. Bitzek’s leadership, the programme saw a large increase in the number of applicants, underlining the broad appeal of MAP. In recent years, around 30 excellent students are chosen from up to 700 applications in a rigorous selection process.

Prof. Bitzek is remembered by students and staff as a supportive yet demanding lecturer and leader. His aspiration to perform at the highest level paired with his diligence and a keen eye for details inspired his colleagues, his team(s) – especially the MAP team – and his students.

The new MAP chairs Prof. Nicolas Vogel and Prof. Peter Felfer as well as the MAP team and MAP students sincerely thank Prof. Bitzek for his tireless efforts and great achievements for MAP.

We wish Prof. Bitzek a great start and continuous scientific success at the Max Plank Institute for Iron Research.