MAP scientific skills seminar on patent management

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Team of the FAU consulting service for inventions and patents, picture courtesy of AMJ Gremsdorf

The MAP curriculum includes various soft and scientific skills seminars. This semester, we offered one on patent management. Ece Topraksal, MAP student since October 2020, writes about her experience:

“As future engineers and scientists, it is very important for us to learn how patents are created. The patent management seminar helped us gain a technical perspective on this.

Dr. Marco Mank from FAU’s patent management office did a great job of teaching us about managing patents with an international objective, referring to his own experience.

Dr. Mank covered various topics such as the importance of intellectual property, copyright and invention. He explained which points of an invention are checked by the patent authorities in order for the patent to be considered publishable. We also learned how to apply for a patent as an employee in Germany. It was very surprising for us to learn that the employer has a right to the employee’s patent. Writing an invention report to the employer is necessary before applying to the patent.

We learned that the “claims” are very important for the patent application in Germany and Europe as well as at the International Patent Office, as they define the protection of the patent. Looking at various claim examples made the topic clearer to us.

Furthermore, Dr. Mank introduced us to the timeframe of a patent application and to best filing strategies. Very surprising for us was the time horizon of up to 31 months and more until a patent is granted.

Finally, Dr. Mank introduced us to some basic ideas on the legal opposition to patents and recommended a variety of databases to search for published patents.

Many thanks to Dr. Mank for the informative and valuable seminar as well as to the MAP Office for organising this event!”