MAP student participates in international students’ competition in Brazil

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Picture courtesy of MAP Office

MAP educational grant supports participation

The annual Technology and Management International Business Plan Competition (T&M IBPC, 2020) held in Sao Paulo, Brazil form 5th January through 14th January, 2020 provides students from

  • University of Bayreuth, Germany,
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong,
  • University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, USA and
  • University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

the opportunity to work together in multicultural teams to identify global problems around a central theme and to develop sustainable solutions.

Nnamdi Madubuko presenting results at T&M IBPC, 2020. Picture courtesy of MAP Office.


MAP student Nnamdi Madubuko through our collaboration with the University of Bayreuth and supported by a MAP educational grant, was one of twelve students from Germany to participate in this year’s competition. Grouped in eight multicultural teams of six students each consisting a representative from each institution, the groups were tasked with identifying problems and developing a product to solve those problems. The first three days were full of insightful teachings from professionals and representatives of the disabled community Rosas de Ouro, Brazil who shared their experiences and challenges. This provided an avenue for the participants to engage in a design thinking process. Visits to the Lucy Montoro Rehabilitation Center and the Brazilian Paralympic Center both in Sao Paulo gave participants insights into existing technologies currently in use.

A day’s visit to Brotas was scheduled in a bid to promote teamwork amongst participants included rafting and zip lining exercise. This was followed by six days of extensive research, intense brainstorming and periodic mentorship review sessions. This rigorous yet exciting process culminated in the development of a business plan around a central product which was pitched to a team of industry professionals who provided excellent feedback and selected the top three teams.

All participants of T&M IBPC, 2020. Picture courtesy of MAP Office


Next year’s competition is scheduled to be held in Taiwan in January 2021 with a theme centred on solving problems around climate change. It would be exciting to see the new MAP students participate in this competition.

By Nnamdi Madubuko, MAP starting class of 2018