MAP yearly poster presentation and graduation ceremony

MAP Absolventen Erlangen FAU 30.01.2019, picture courtesy of MAP Office

On 30 January 2019, Advanced Materials and Processes (MAP) students and lecturers celebrated two important yearly events: the poster presentation session and the graduation ceremony of 15 students. The events took place at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology IISB in Erlangen.

The program started at 4 pm with an opening speech by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erik Bitzek who welcomed all guests and announced the beginning of the poster session. 22 MAP Students presented their posters to a mixed audience from the faculty of Engineering and Fraunhofer Institute. Around 50 guests attended the event including MAP lecturers, supervisors and prospective students. This yearly poster session is an opportunity for perspective students to learn more about the diverse research topics relevant to MAP and to get a glimpse on study opportunities provided to students. During the event, a jury of MAP lecturers and mini project supervisors selected the three best posters for the MAP “Best Poster Award”.

After the poster session, a celebration party started with sparkling wine and the awards were presented to the winners. The MAP Best Poster Award went to Nydia Roxana Varela Rosales from Mexico for her a poster on the “effect of polydispersity on structure formation”. The second place was awarded to Helly Atiya from Israel for a poster titled “evaluation of printability and biocompatibility in hydrogel composites containing doped bioactive glass”. The third-place award was presented to Andreas Bezold from Germany. His work was on the “influence of the γ’volume fraction and morphology on x-Ray diffraction line profiles of superalloys”.

Subsequently, the MAP “Best Student Award” was announced. This award is based on academic excellence and comprises an educational grant of 500 euros to be used by the recipient for a research stay abroad or for visiting an international conference. MAP chairs Prof. Bitzek and Prof. Vogel honored Julia Seifert from Germany as “best student” of the MAP class that started in 2017.

Before the graduation ceremony, dinner was served at “Cafeteria Esslust” at Fraunhofer IISB. MAP lecturers, supervisors, graduates and senior students attended the dinner party and enjoyed each other’s company over the gourmet food.

Afterwards, 15 graduates coming from nine different countries were ready to be announced as “Masters of Science with Honours” degree holders. Prof. Bitzek gave a speech to celebrate their success and mentioned how much their accomplishment is worthy of a celebration. Not only did students overcome challenges as they studied a demanding elite master’s programme combining Materials and Chemical engineering but also, they overcame challenges related to moving to a new country and culture. He also mentioned that MAP is about critical thinking and applying knowledge to academic work not just memorizing and recalling information. He emphasized that in research, input does not guarantee output and although this can be frustrating, it is important that researchers get back to their values and remind themselves why they are doing what they are doing – whether it is to leave a mark in research or make an influence on society. He shared his belief that one should try to excel in any job and to perfect it as much as possible no matter how small and trivial the task might seem. Finally, Prof. Bitzek mentioned a study that showed how extremely innovative and successful people as the Nobel Laurates are invested in many fields or hobbies at the same time. This gives them the possibility to take their expertise from a different field when they are stuck with their research. Since MAP already combines two fields, according to this theory, its graduates are on the best path to continue a successful career.

Following the speech, the MAP chairs handed over the certificates to the graduates along with a small gift. Finally, after celebrating their success and taking plentiful pictures with the graduates, the ceremony ended at around 9 pm.

Written by MAP student Marina Metry