MAP excursion to Zollhof Tech Incubator

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To give insight to real life industries, MAP organizes various excursion for its students. The first excursion for the batch 2020 took place on 18th December 2020. We were given an amazing opportunity to take part in a virtual excursion to Zollhof Tech Incubator (Zollhof). Although virtual, the event was very highly interactive, informative and great fun too.

The event was hosted by Mr. Maximillian Finger, Talent Program Lead at Zollhof. He started off by introducing us to Zollhof incubation center and its ecosystem. We learnt about startup ventures, the idea of entrepreneurship and business models. He then gave us a presentation on creativity and brainstorming ideas.

This was then followed by the main interactive session, which took place on the online board “Miro”. We were randomly divided into teams of five and had to come up with business ideas using the given pictures on the team board. The pictures were very random which gave rise to some very fascinating and cool ideas. The team proposed ideas such as clubs for epileptic people, experiencing art virtually, self-destructing paper and much more.

Interestingly for the latter part of the session, we had to work with the “worst rated” ideas of another team. We worked in Zoom breakout rooms and brainstormed ways to develop those ideas into practical and marketable ones. The board already had prompts to direct us in the right direction and made us think about the trends of our idea, its impact, fears related to it etc. It was great fun to make those seemingly bad ideas into much more pitchable ones. At the end, each team presented their work, the idea that they started from, how they molded it and why is it great now, etc. It was an excellent display of creativity and teamwork in such a short span of time. The concept that no idea is truly bad, if the right questions are asked and the right markets addressed was wonderful.

At the end, we all evaluated on how we came up with the ideas, how we rated them and how the team worked together. We are thankful to Zollhof for this amazing excursion in these unprecedented times.

By MAP student Aisha Abdul Quddus