MAP excursion to Zollhof – Tech Incubator

Picture courtesy of MAP Office

MAP students learn to develop startups

Excursions are a must for students, not only for its educational values but also as an opportunity for students to have recreational experience. After the first excursion to Bayreuth University and Neue Materialien Bayreuth, we had a chance to visit Zollhof – Tech Incubator in Nuremberg as our second excursion.

Dr. Sebastian Engel, the head of research & pre-incubation, opened the excursion with a warm welcome and the introduction to Zollhof. He gave a short presentation on startups and about how they develop their ideas to make it into the market.

The most important session of the excursion started after that: the business model design. We had some time for ourselves to think of ideas for the business model and teamed up to four groups for the coming up activities. The whole day—from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm, excluding lunch hours—was used to evaluate the ideas and make it into a business plan.

We were guided on how-to-use the idea boards and lean canvas to design the business model from tip to toe. From the problem to solutions; unique value proposition and key metrics, channels, revenue streams, cost structure and even up to unfair advantages, we were able to evaluate our ideas and think thoroughly about the whole business plan design.

We had some fascinating and exciting ideas that developed into business plans during the day. We had ideas about some site-visiting cooking class that linked online shopping malls and in-pocket health trainer application ‘Sergeant Jim’. Some groups came up with ideas that relate to currently-in-progress projects about diabetes test without having to use needles and global health record cloud system for health care. As a short final project, each group made a short video about their business model and had a discussion session to ask questions and give feedback to each other after the presentation.

The day ended with providing feedbacks to Dr. Engel about the excursion. With a last-minute short tour around the Zollhof office, we had a glance into the tech incubator where startups evaluate their idea and design business models to show themselves on the market.

By Minjoo Kim, MAP Student of starting class 2019