MAP’s annual celebrations

MAP graduates and chairs 2020; picture courtesy of MAP Office

MAP Poster Presentation, Awards, and Graduation Ceremony 2020

On the evening of 5th February, FAU students, academic and administrative staff convened for the MAP graduation ceremony of three graduates from the Elite Master’s Programme “Advanced Materials and Processes” (MAP) and for the 2018 MAP batch poster presentation.

During the MAP poster presentation, a total of 21 posters were presented by the students, representing individual miniprojects, which included practical work and research that were carried out by 3rd semester students under the supervision of a research group. The visitors had the opportunity to read about the research and ask questions to the students. A variety of research topics were presented spanning all the focal subjects of MAP. These included research on biomaterials, chemical engineering, material science and computational simulations. The poster presentation went on from 17.00 to 18.30 and the MAP academic staff voted for the best posters. The third prize for the best poster went to Khajidkhand Chuluunbandi (Mongolia), second place was awarded to Valerie Levine (USA) and the first prize went to Lukas Römling (Germany).

Participants at the MAP Poster Presentation 2020; picture courtesy of MAP Office

Subsequently, MAP Professors were awarded the MAP Best Professor Award by Valerie Levine, who thanked the Professors for their “passion for the MAP programme, enthusiasm and excellence towards teaching”. The best Professors were voted by the MAP students of the starting class 2018, who attended their lectures. The third prize went to Dr. Marco Haumann, second prize went to Prof. Nicolas Vogel, and Prof. Robin Klupp Taylor was awarded the first prize. These Professors along with many other instructors have taught us a variety of subjects and given us insights into their own research and experiences for the past year and a half.

Afterwards, a celebration dinner took place in the restaurant of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology IISB in Erlangen, followed by the Best Student Award announcement. The award was conferred to Lukas Müller (Germany).

The evening was concluded with the graduation ceremony, and Prof. Nicolas Vogel delivered the commencement address, which was very well received by everyone present. The address included a walk down memory lane about times before the rise of populistic movements and social issues that target minorities and globalization. But Prof. Vogel also mentioned hope for the future as now, we are more aware than ever before about the climate change, and he stated that “Now, as fresh MAP graduates, I believe that you are in an ideal spot to pick up this challenge.” He also added “As such, you are the very essence of the power of collaboration, internationalization and how society should be – an open society” directing to the graduates. Finally the graduating students received their certificates along with some gifts.

By Allice Belletini and Sharmin Zzaman Khan Antara, MAP starting class of 2018