Second semester MAP students on an excursion to adidas

Picture courtesy of MAP office

On 6 July 2018, the MAP students of the second semester visited the adidas facility in Herzogenaurach. MAP student Elpida Zormpa reports:

The trip started with a short stroll around the adidas campus. A presentation followed, where the mentality of the adidas Future team was introduced and some of the key material and synthesis techniques were presented. Afterwards, during a tour of the testing facility, the testing methods and criteria for a successful product were explained. As this was really intriguing, many questions arose, which our guide gladly answered. At the end of the tour, we headed over to the adidas and Reebok outlet store, where many of us bought new sportswear. Overall, the whole experience was very satisfying, providing us with an insight into the company as well as a better understanding of the relationship between material and final product.

Foto: MAP students and chair with the statue of Adi Dassler