The FAU SHEer Power community

The founders of the SHEer Power community (from left to right): Patrícia Rita, Kyra Walenga, Cindy Montenegro and Lee Krutsch. Picture courtesy of FAU/SHEer Power community

A community to support female scientists and students at FAU

Women in Science: Fortunately, more and more women are finding their way into research and are also taking senior positions in research projects and institutions.

Nevertheless, women who want to pursue a career in science still might face some hurdles. These could be the difficulty of reconciling work and family, (hidden) discrimination, beeing disadvanted compared to male colleagues or being bullied, also by other female scientists. At FAU, women scientists and female students have recently set up a community – the SHEer Power community – to support and help other female students and researchers who struggle with such problems as mentioned above.

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