2022 MAP scholarship for Egyptian mechanical engineer

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Hisham Zidan. Image: private

My name is Hisham Zidan and I am a mechanical engineer from Egypt. I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in “Advanced Materials and Processes” (MAP) at FAU, starting in the winter semester 2022/2023. My enthusiasm for materials science and engineering was sparked during my undergraduate coursework and further enriched by doing research in the field of materials characterization. Research has proven to be most effective in understanding science and engineering, truly contributing to the world, and satisfying my never-ending curiosity. Aiming to achieve that, I believe MAP is the perfect program for me. MAP’s interdisciplinary curriculum in materials science and engineering combined with biological and chemical engineering is widening my scientific perspective and is helping me gain a more profound understanding of materials.

Being awarded the 2022 MAP scholarship has been a great honor and privilege for me. As an international student, financing my studies in Germany is crucial. Accordingly, this recognition has not only actuated my pursuit of a career in academia, but also helped me manage my finances and to concentrate on my studies. After interacting with my distinguished professors and being exposed to some of the many labs and research facilities with MAP affiliation, I am sure that this program is better positioning me for my future academic endeavors.