Application Procedure

Application Deadlines

The next application period starts on 21 January 2019.

The application deadline is 1 June 2019. Non-EU citizens are encouraged to submit their applications until 31 March 2019, to have sufficient time for their visa applications.

A preliminary overview of the application procedure for intake 2019 is provided on this page. However, some details might still change. We therefore recommend you to revisit this page shortly before proceeding with your application from 21 January 2019 onwards.

Application procedure for intake 2019

1 Please apply via the FAU online application form using the electronic system campo before the application deadline of 1 June 2019. On campo, you can switch between English and German language by using the button on the right bottom corner. Submit your supporting documents (a description of the expected documents can be found in the section “Supporting Documents” below) by uploading them in the indicated manner. Be aware that some documents are mandatory and you will not be able to complete your application if you do not upload the requested documents as a pdf-file. We encourage you to upload rather small documents; files that are larger than 10 MB will be rejected. Only applications with correctly named documents can be considered during the selection / admission process.

All documents must be submitted in *PDF format* and named in the following way:

  • MAP01_CoverLetter_YourFamilyName_YourFirstName
  • MAP02_CV_YourFamilyName_YourFirstName
  • MAP03_TranscriptSchool_YourFamilyName_YourFirstName
  • MAP04_EnglishTranscriptUniversity_YourFamilyName_YourFirstName
  • MAP05_OriginalLanguageTranscriptUniversity_YourFamilyName_YourFirstName
  • MAP06_TOEFL_YourFamilyName_YourFirstName (respectively IELTS or other evidence)
  • MAP07_Language_YourFamilyName_YourFirstName (if any)
  • MAP08_APS_YourFamilyName_YourFirstName (China, Mongolia and Vietnam only)
  • MAP09_Scholarship_YourFamilyName_YourFirstName

Further documents should follow the naming convention:

  • MAP1x_xxx_YourFamilyName_YourFirstName

Please submit all test results as scanned copies or screen shots.

If you are unable to submit the complete set of documentation before the application deadline, you may submit the missing document(s) after the application deadline has passed by sending an electronic copy to the MAP application team at map-applications(at)

Please check the size of your files as we have a 5 MB limit. There is no guarantee that the newly submitted documents will be taken into consideration by the MAP admission board.

We do not give any pre-assessment regarding your application. The suitability of the applicant is only evaluated by the MAP admission board following an official application.

2 First round of selection: Academic committee ranks the applicants and decides whether to conduct an interview (due to the large number of applicants we regret that we cannot interview all applicants).
3 Second round of selection: Interview with two MAP professors in Erlangen (local applicants) or via internet video call (or in exceptional cases, telephone).
4 Academic committee decides whether to admit applicant to programme.
5 If admitted to MAP, the applicant is required to submit all required documents in hard copy. Instructions on where to send them will be provided to the applicant on the control sheet, which can be found on the applicant’s campo account. (At this stage the validity of the undergraduate degree for the enrollment in a German Master’s degree course will be formally verified).
6 The Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg formally admits the applicant.
7 The student arrives in Erlangen and matriculates for the programme.

Supporting documents (as per the above table)

Short cover letter
CV / Resumé (including an up-to-date picture).
High school/secondary school leaving certificate or university entrance certificate. The transcript of courses attended with corresponding grades should be included.
English university degree certificate(s) / English transcript(s) of records. The transcript of courses attended at the University with corresponding grades provided as English language version.
Transcript of courses attended at University in original language.
IELTS or TOEFL score report if the previous degree was not conducted in English. If the courses at the university have been taught in English, please send the authentication of the university.
Certificates of English or German language courses taken.
APS certificate (applicants from China, Mongolia and Vietnam only).
Motivation for scholarship application. Only if you want to apply for a MAP scholarship.
Certificate(s) of industrial internship(s) attended.


Since a maximum of 30 students per year can enroll in the programme you are encouraged to send your application as early as possible!

If you study at one of the universities participating in MAP, please contact the MAP application team at map-applications(at) prior to sending your application.

It is only possible to apply to MAP once.