Important Resources

Important Resources

FAU students benefit from important electronic resources in different areas.


IdM stands for identity management and is used for

  • Management of user ID
  • Overview of all personal user accounts
  • FAUCard
  • and many other additional sections


StudOn is a platform for online learning and course management

  • Register for courses
  • Access and store handouts, readings lists, etc.
  • Forums, chats and Wikis
  • Submitting homework and reports


MAP section on StudOn

The main MAP page provides information like

  • Curriculum: Courses of the MAP Master Programme with the respective lecture notes (responsibility of lecturers)
  • Matriculation groups: Course administration, timetable (including for soft skills), general information and information on social events

and additional sections of interest

  • Overview of upcoming events with relevance for MAP students (e.g. research presentations, colloquia, career-related events etc.)
  • Job, internship and PhD opportunities
  • Information on scholarships
  • Forms and templates
  • Opportunities for different research projects (miniprojects, master thesis etc.)
  • Compilation of relevant information for MAP students (student wiki)

mein campus

mein campus is the virtual counterpart to the Student Records Office and the Examinations Office

  • Manage your personal account
  • Register for exams
  • Get your transcript
  • Get your certificate of enrollment
  • Official documents and forms
  • Registration of / deregistration from exams


  • Deregistration is not allowed for miniprojects and literature reviews after topic allocation!
  • Registration is needed for exams and soft skills courses but not for the participation in the lectures
  • Registration periods (1/semester) are to be met
  • Registration period differs from lecture period!


UnivIS stands for University Information System

  • Electronic course catalogue
  • Contact information of FAU staff and lecturers
  • Rooms

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