FAU successful in two rankings

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THE subject ranking 2023 For the second year in a row, FAU is represented in the THE subject ranking with all 11 subjects surveyed. In the Shanghai subject ranking, FAU is among the top 100 universities internationally in 5 subjects.

Evaluations demonstrate international research strength

It is rare for two prestigious rankings to be published in such quick succession. What both have in common is that they show how well the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) is ranked internationally in terms of research. In the THE-Subject Ranking, which was published on 29 October 2023, FAU is among the top 200 in 8 subjects, and among the top 20 in Germany with all 11 subjects examined. In the Shanghai Subject Ranking, which was published on 30 October 2023, FAU manages to make it into the top 100 with 5 subjects, and into the top 10 in Germany with 12 subjects.”