MAP student participates in DPG conference

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Lan-Tien Hsu presenting her poster. Image: private

I am very happy about the opportunity to attend the one-week conference of German Physical Society (DPG) focusing on condensed matter physics held in Regensburg in September 2022. This is the first face-to-face conference I have attended in Germany. Here I had the chance to learn about various current research topics in experimental and theoretical physics. The most relevant topics for me were: ferroic-related topics (the electrocaloric effect, the im/proper ferroelectric), domain walls, and the application of machine learning in properties/synthesis prediction. It was great to interact with researchers working in the same field as me: I asked them a few questions after their talks and made connections with them. Besides these, I also took the chance to learn something completely unfamiliar to me, such as topics on topology. It was also the first time I presented a poster at such a big event. In a total of three hours, I introduced, explained, and discussed my work to at least twenty groups of people. During this interactive discussion, I also learned from my audiences: especially the experimental aspects of the topic and the results from different kinds of simulation approaches. In general, I enjoyed the scientific atmosphere very much. I am so grateful to have received an educational grant from MAP.

By MAP student Lan-Tien Hsu (matriculation group 2019)