Celebrating FAU #FAUtogether

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Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg Dies academicus 04.11.2023. Image: Giulia Iannicelli

280th anniversary and three prizes for MAP parties involved

The entire report on the 280th anniversary can be read on the FAU website. Only the excerpts directly related to MAP are reproduced here.

All MAP staff and students are delighted that three award winners have been selected from the MAP program. We would like to congratulate them all!

Awards and honors

Once again, FAU used its anniversary celebrations as an opportunity to shine the spotlight on its particularly creative thinkers: the FAU innovators of the year.

In the category of alumni: AMPERIAL Window Technologies

The AMPERIAL Team on the stage. Image: FAU/Giulia Iannicelli

A film that reflects the heat of the sun’s rays, but lets daylight pass through – that is what AMPERIAL Window Technologies has developed. “The sun greatly heats up rooms through windows and glass facades, and cooling them back down requires a lot of energy,” explains managing director Matthias Trost. “Our film can reduce the temperature reached in buildings on a warm day by up to seven degrees Celsius, and electricity consumption by up to 26 percent.” Trost studied International Business Studies at FAU, worked for a short period at a bank and then discovered the lively start-up scene in the Nuremberg start-up center ZOLLHOF. Here he met Niall Killilea, MAP alumni Katja Wadlinger and Dr. Olaf Weiner. They soon came up with the idea of developing retrofittable heat protection for buildings. The transparent film consists of an innovative nanotechnological material, based on research conducted by the FAU research group “Solution Processed Semiconductors” at Energie Campus Nuremberg.

DAAD Prize

International students at FAU who have made a lasting impression whilst studying in Germany thanks to their outstanding academic achievements and commitment to social or intercultural projects are awarded the Hans-Wilhelm and Helga Schüßler prize and the prize from the German Academic Exchange Service (the DAAD prize).

Aisha Abdul Quddus, DAAD prize. Image: Giulia Iannicelli

The DAAD prize was awarded to the Pakistani student Aisha Abdul Quddus. She has been studying Advanced Materials and Processes at FAU since 2020. In her year, she was the only one of 690 applicants selected for the MAP scholarship. She is a highly motivated language student. Aisha Abdul Quddus helps other international students settle in to Erlangen and Nuremberg, acts as a buddy and organizes various events.

Teaching prize for outstanding teaching at FAU

Teaching award winners of 2023 with VP-E Prof. Kopp. Image: FAU/Iannicelli

Since 2016, FAU has awarded the University teaching award in recognition of excellent achievements in teaching for every faculty year .

Faculty of Engineering

MAP lecturer Prof. Dr. Katharina Herkendell