Internship at Evonik Industries

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I am delighted to share my enriching internship experience at Evonik Industries, a global leader in specialty chemicals production, where I had the privilege of contributing to the cutting-edge work of the Process Simulation and CFD group (at Hanau, Germany) in the Process Technology & Engineering – Digital Process Technologies department. I started this period on April 1, 2023, and ended on September 30, 2023.

Evonik Industries, headquartered in Germany, operates in more than 100 countries and boasts production plants across six continents. The company’s commitment to specialty chemicals makes it a dynamic and influential player on the global stage.

During my internship, I was an integral part of the Process Simulation and CFD group at Hanau, tasked with utilizing commercial process simulation software, including ASPEN Plus, AVEVA process simulator, and Dyssol. My primary focus was on simulating the electrolyte system in ASPEN Plus and AVEVA process simulation, as well as exploring solid processing simulations with Dyssol.

My key responsibilities were as follows:

  • Conducting simulations using ASPEN Plus and AVEVA process simulation
  • Generating a comprehensive comparison of results between AVEVA and ASPEN, accompanied by a thorough analysis of differences.
  • Collaborating with the AVEVA and ASPEN support teams to address technical queries.
  • Presenting simulation results within the working group
  • Exploring the capabilities of the dynamic solid simulator Dyssol and creating initial models
  • Engaging in effective communication with the Dyssol support team

Beyond honing my technical skills, this internship provided me with invaluable experiences, including working alongside experts in process simulation within a highly professional atmosphere. The team’s strong scientific orientation allowed me to witness the application of theoretical concepts from my university courses to real-world scenarios, enhancing my overall understanding of the subject matter.

I express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Sönke Bröcker and Dr. Dan Vasiliu for their exceptional supervision, unwavering support, and mentorship throughout my internship. Their guidance played a pivotal role in my professional development.

My internship at Evonik Industries was a transformative experience, providing me with a platform to apply academic knowledge to real-world projects, collaborate with seasoned professionals, and contribute meaningfully to the innovative work of the Process Simulation and CFD group.

I extend my appreciation to Evonik Industries for this incredible opportunity and look forward to carrying forward the valuable lessons and skills gained during this period into my future endeavors.


By MAP student Pedram Samani (matriculation group 2020)