MAP students prepare for Focal Subject “Biomaterials and Bioprocesses” in Bayreuth

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MAP students in Bayreuth. Image: private

Several MAP first semester students attended a four-day intensive lab course hosted by the Chair of Process Biotechnology at one of MAP’s partner universities, the University of Bayreuth.

Travel and accommodations at a youth hostel within a 10-minute walk from the lab were funded by MAP Office.

The in-person course was designed specifically for MAP students pursuing the Focal Subject “Biomaterials and Bioprocesses”. Microbiological topics such as factors influencing bacterial growth, plasmid preparation, transformation and induction of GFP expression, protein purification, and enzyme kinetics were explored experimentally. Consequently, the course equipped the students with extensive biological knowledge as required by engineers.

On a non-academic note, the course allowed students to socialize more closely with each other. Friendships were deepened over breakfast, shopping, or travelling through the city. It was also an opportunity to explore the beautiful landscape gardens of the Hermitage and various sites in the historical Franconian city of Bayreuth.

On behalf of the MAP students who benefited from the week-long lab course, we would like to extend our gratitude to the team at the Chair of Process Biotechnology at the University of Bayreuth, especially Prof. Dr. Ruth Freitag, for arranging the course for us. We would also like to thank our hosts at the DJH Youth Hostel Bayreuth.

By MAP student Fatima Tanvir (Matriculation group 2021)