2023 MAP Poster Session

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Discussions during the 2023 MAP Poster Session. Image: MAP Office / Erich Malter

The MAP poster session finally returned to a live and in person event again on 8 February 2023 after two years of being organized online via ZOOM. It is an annual event where MAP third semester students present scientific posters on research they have conducted as part of their  MAP mini projects or during their undergraduate studies. The event is open to all FAU students, professors and staff wherein MAP students have an opportunity to interact with researchers and students from across disciplines.

The topics of the posters reflected the broad interdisciplinary nature of the MAP program, ranging from simulations of crystal structure over the study of materials in catalytic application to cellular response on nanoparticles and many more.

The visitors roamed through the rows of posters, involving students in discussions and asking questions about the topic they were presenting. Some members simply let themselves to be educated on topics they found interesting. Others, more familiar with the field of a specific topic, started to pepper the students with questions to see how knowledgeable they were about their topics or what they thought about the future prospects of the work they had conducted. Either case served as perfect preparation of the students for later scientific career, should they have to attend scientific conferences or present their thoughts in company meetings.

The event also provided a perfect opportunity for the new and prospective students to interact with the third semester students. It was a great time to  ask about program details, focal subjects, workload and so on. MAP chair Prof. Nicolas Vogel, a specialist in scientific exhibitions, confirmed the quality of the posters: “These posters could easily be displayed at an international conference.”

If you missed the opportunity to attend the event or would like to have a second look on the posters, Prof. Robin Klupp Taylor created a digital twin on MURAL. Just click on the link and give yourself a treat to the scientific posters which are not just interesting but educating at the same time.

No MAP event is complete without food and refreshing drinks. The event was equipped with snacks to provide you not only with interesting scientific cuisines but with mouth-watering food as well.

Each MAP poster session ends with an award ceremony for the best posters. Here you can find the list of award winners.

MAP Best Poster Award Students name Topic
1st prize Kamilla Zaripova Investigation of Au thin films by advanced diffraction techniques in SEM
2nd prize #1 Annika Mauch Blood compatibility of different iron oxide nanoparticles
2nd prize #2 Harsha Namdeo Kinetics of defects evolution in nano poly-crystalline Fe via cycled deformation


Third semester MAP students also use the MAP poster session to award their best MAP lecturers. This prize was awarded to:

MAP Best Lecturer Award Lecturer
1st prize Prof. Dr. Matthias Thommes
2nd prize Prof. Dr. Stephan Wolf

In a separate article you will find the speeches given by MAP students to their best lecturers.

By MAP students Nel Schulte (matriculation group 2021) and Mohammed Ubaid (matriculation group 2022)