MAP lecturers among the top 2 percent of most cited researchers

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(Image: FAU/Celina Henning)

New evaluation of the Scopus database lists the most cited scientists worldwide

According to a new report that analyses citations of scientific publications, more than 200 researchers from FAU are among the top two percent of the most cited scientists worldwide. Citations are an important criterion to measure the impact of scientific research and describe how often an initial research article is taken up and mentioned by following publications.

The report, called the “Stanford List”, was published by researchers at Stanford University who evaluated the Scopus database, the largest abstract and citation database for peer-reviewed literature published by Elsevier, for citations in the year 2020. This overview lists around 190,000 researchers worldwide in the top two percent of citations in August 2021; in Germany, a total of 9434 scientists are listed – including 209 from FAU. Detailed information can be found in the German FAU report.

Most importantly, our MAP Focal Subject Head Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini and MAP lecturer Prof. Matthias Thommes are among the top 50 researchers of their scientific field.

About a third of all MAP professors are named among the top two percent of all researchers of their scientific fields. This impact underlines the excellent academic environment and cutting edge infrastructure of FAU, which is directly accessible for MAP students by the research-oriented programme structure with a focus on academic excellence, implemented via scientific skills and hands-on practical research via miniprojects and master theses. We congratulate all the MAP researcher to this success!